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Navigate to associated view by URL in unified interface

  • 1.  Navigate to associated view by URL in unified interface

    Posted Sep 02, 2020 08:40 AM

    I am trying to figure out, if it is possible to create a dynamic URL which links to an associated view in unified interface using parameters. 

    I have custom entity where there is a lookup to Account. On this form, I would like to create a link to the Opportunity Associated View of the account so the user can see all opportunities in the account hierarchy:

    The optimal solution would be to create sub-grid that show the opportunities in the account hierarchy on the form of the custom entity, but that does not seem to be possible without using a plugin (blog post here by @Jonas Rapp on that). However, using a plugin is not a viable option for us. So now I am trying to see if I can link to the associated view instead. 

    When I navigate to the opportunity associated view by going to an Account - > Related -> and selecting the associated view, I am not able to see any parameters in the URL. It just shows up as this:

    https://[ORG URL]/main.aspx?appid=[APP ID]&pagetype=entityrecord&etn=account&id=[ACCOUNT ID]​
    If I copy the URL and paste it into a new tab in the browser and hit enter, it will simply open up on the first tab of the account as expected. 

    I have looked on to see if there is anything there I could use, and found something regarding Unified Interface Page (Hosted Control) and associated views. However, I have no idea if that can be used for this purpose. At least I haven't found the solution. 

    Does anyone know if this is possible? 


    Niels Lønberg
    Semco Maritime

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