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  • 1.  CRM365 on premise leverage azure database

    Posted Sep 27, 2019 01:00 PM
    we currently use CRM365 (V8/9) on premise and im in the process of replicating our environment in an azure lab to be able to do our development and devops.    currently I've replicated (ish) our production environment in that ive got Dynamics/AD and the database on one server.  this work well but I would like to leverage some of the azure services a little more, plus I would like to decouple the database if I can.  now my question is is there a way to leverage azures database SaaS or IaaS services.   i'm currently shutting down server when not in use but that it causing some performace hit as the database get reinitialize  plus i'm having to use a fairly beefy server sku to run it. if I could have the database be set as a SaaS it would solve a fair amount of our problems


    Martin Carpenter
    Senior It Specialist
    Canada Revenue Agency

  • 2.  RE: CRM365 on premise leverage azure database

    Posted Sep 30, 2019 12:35 PM
    ​Hi Martin,

    My apologies if I am not understanding correctly, but it sounds like you have spun up a Azure cloud server instance and replicated your on-prem Dynamics CRM DB to that cloud server.  If this is understanding is correct, the Azure CDS (Common Data Services) may offer a way to make your cloud data more available to Azure Services:

    Note that another option would be to migrate your on-prem CRM system to the SaaS D365/Azure Tenant in the cloud where the Azure Services would be readily available.  Certainly a lot to weigh with this decision - I mention this because I am told by MS that the respect Azure/D365 license costs are cheaper than Azure Server (VM) instance costs.

    Justin Donohoe
    Technical Architect
    Federal Reserve Bank - FRIT

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