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App for Outlook - Duplication of Appointments when synching to Outlook

  • 1.  App for Outlook - Duplication of Appointments when synching to Outlook

    Posted Jul 18, 2019 04:05 AM
    We recently implemented D365 moving from CRM 2011 on prem.  Previously all our advisers synched from CRM to the CRM for Outlook add in.  They only synched Appointments, recurring appointments and Service Activities.

    We are now in the process of setting up the App for Outlook and we will again only synch Appointments, Recurring Appointments and Bookable Resource Bookings.

    1. Our advisers create all their customer facing engagements via CRM and these are bookable resource bookings.  These sych to outlook ok but are synching as FREE instead of BUSY even though they are status scheduled in CRM.
    2. Advisers can create Apppointments in CRM or in outlook.  We have a workflow running in CRM that after the Appointment is saved it creates a bookable resource booking so that appointments and engagements appear on the schedule board.  The problem we have is that App for Outlook is now synching both the Appointment and the Appointment Bookable Resource Booking to outlook and creating a duplicate.  The Appointment shows as BUSY and the corresponding BRB shows as FREE

    So how do we stop the duplicates?  We are looking at possibly adding criteria to the System Filters for synchronisation

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

    Karen Harvey-Johnston
    Business Systems Development Manager
    Skills Development Scotland

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