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    Posted Jan 23, 2019 10:56 AM
    I like the new Admin dashboards available, just wish they could be customized a bit.  We are using this dashboard to monitor our storage usage and notice that the largest table is our AuditBase table.  We were planning to delete a lot of these audit records, but wanted to check on something first.  This dashboard also provides information about active users who read or create records in the system over a certain time period.  Is this calculated using the audit records?  In other words, if i delete all the audit records, will i lose my visibility into the active users? 

    Also, we have a system user (two actually) that we use to sync records via KingswaySoft.  Is there a way to exclude this type of users, so the charts are a bit more meaningful?  This really skews the chart and I cant see any of the data regarding our real users, because their usage is so small compared to the sync system user. (see bottom screen shot)

    thanks for your help on these two items!  Laura

    Laura Mortick
    Marketing Information Systems Manager
    Olathe KS

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