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By Diane Taylor posted Oct 20, 2018 07:53 PM


It’s a couple of days after Summit 2018 in Phoenix and if you are anything like me, you over-indulged - not just at the partner parties, but also on information!

      • Pre-academy classes
      • Breakout sessions
      • Partner showcases
      • Medic information
      • Conversations with vendors at the expo
      • Keynote
      • Not to mention all of the great people you met and had conversations with. 
          Now you are back home, thinking about the lengthy to do list you left behind to attend Summit as well as all of those great things you brought back from Summit. You are excited about what you learned, overwhelmed by what you have on your desk, and wondering where to go from here.

          This is what I affectionately call the Summit Hangover!

          My hangover cure? Organize and prioritize.

          I am spending my day going through all of the information that I gathered over the course of Summit and putting it in categories

              • Immediate priority - information I learned that will fix some of the challenges we have been trying to overcome
              • Medium Priority - information that I learned that will enhance the life of our users, create efficiencies, and can easily be implemented.
              • Wish list bucket - cool new information and products that I learned about that will further enhance our solution.

            My hope is that these buckets will help me to focus on what needs to get done now but not lose sight of the possibilities going forward. And maybe even some of the things I learned will help to accomplish those things left on my to do list before I attended summit!

            Thanks to all of you that I had the pleasure of chatting with – each of you taught me something and added value to my Summit experience!

            What are your Summit hangover cures? Let’s help each other keep focused on all of the great things we learned in Phoenix!​​



            Nov 27, 2018 08:09 AM

            I am glad you found some of these points helpful!  I would love to hear how it works for your team and if you have found others ways to keep sight of all of the learnings.

            Nov 19, 2018 01:37 PM

            WOW! thank you for posting this. I was just looking for ways that I could get my team that attended to report back on takeaways and organize their notes. I am now going to send these prompts to them. 

            Every conference I go to I always come back and it take weeks to re address all the learning and follow-ups and now I know why! It's a hangover. Brilliant.

            Thanks again.