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  • Hi there I would be interested in being involved please :) Lynne ------------------------------ Lynne Gale ------------------------------

  • Hi Matt, I've used Field Services only to create a PoC so far.  It is not jumping out at me that it is the right tool to do what you want, however, given you can make custom entities possible to schedule then you might make it fit. Although, have you ...

  • Hi Jane Whilst Server Side Synchronisation is supported with Gmail, the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is an Exchange Mailbox addin and does not work with additional email providers unfortunately, so it will never come out of pending status. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn946901.aspx#Anchor_2 ...

  • Hi everyone, A very Happy New Year to you all! I am in the process of looking at Dynamics for one of our teams who would like to be able to track the activity of their delegates, who can be deployed anywhere in the world for a period of up to three ...

  • Hi Matt As a NFP membership organisation, where our members are organisations not people, we have for a long time had a 3-fold relationship Organisation Contact Individual 1:N:1. Our current configuration uses the OOTB account and contact ...

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  • Create a new relationship between contact and Account.  One Contact has Many Accounts 1:N between contact and Account You will then be able to add the contact to many accounts as well as keeping the original one account can have many contacts relationship ...

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  • ​Hi All, We have a current challenge in Service Management, we auto create cases from inbound emails linked to account and contact (not just account). Standard design of CRM is that a Contact belongs to an Account in a 1:n relationship. The challenge ...

  • ​HI I'd also be keen to attend. regards ------------------------------ Matt Hurst Speedy Hire Plc Newton Le Willows ------------------------------

  • Are there any slide packs/information that's available from the session? Thanks ------------------------------ EY Kalman Sr. CRM Business Analyst Orbis Investment Advisory Limited London ------------------------------

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    RE: CRMUG Mcr / N West

    ​Hi Laura, Thanks for that I expect you're just around the corner from us as we are based on the campus? I need to build up some sort of steering group on a regional basis as doing this alone would be challenging.  I don't know if you'd be up for that. ...

  • Welcome!

    Collaborate with user group participants in the United Kingdom! Network with others in your area, plan local meetings, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to your local community.

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Please let us know what you thought and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 

Please let us know what you thought and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 

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  • I didn’t have a chance to take in Windsor Castle or even Fish & Chips, but the United Kingdom really knows how to execute and deliver an outstanding CRMUG ...