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  • Hello, Please submit your questions relating to GDPR presentation by Microsoft at our CRMUG UK Event held at Microsoft in Reading on November 14th. There will be a presentation and an extensive amount of time for Q & A and want to make it as interactive ...

  • ​That's a great presentation, thank you to everyone on the CRMUG team ------------------------------ Scott Jackson Lead CRM Business Analyst Metro Bank Plc London ------------------------------

  • Hello all, We hope you enjoyed the meeting in Birmingham on Wednesday!  We certainly think is was one of the best yet with some great speakers and questions/answers - even the food was good! Attached are the slides for Sarah Critchley's session on the ...

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  • Hello all, Attached are the slides for Scott and Sarah's session Getting more value out of the MOCA Client .  Apologies for the lateness of the slides! Best regards, Andrew. ------------------------------ Andrew Bibby Independent CRM Consultant and ...

  • Thank you :-) On an Opportunity Product, the extended amount field was rounding the value, although the price per unit was entered with currency precision. With some googling I have now found the system setting for "Pricing precision", and changing it ...

  • Hi, Jo! What values do you see if you query the Opportunity Product values and revenues outside of the UI, using (say) XrmToolBox? ------------------------------ Craig Seymour CRM Solution Architect cloudThing ------------------------------

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  • Hi All, When we implemented CRM we set the opportunity Est Revenue field to have precision = 0. We now have the need to switch to using currency precision. I have changed the field, and the display has changed to show the decimal places, and when entering ...

  • In my Dynamics 365 trial, I have setup and configured Server Side Synchronization to work with Gmail.  I have configured a user's Mailbox (sysadmin) to use Server Side Sync and tested it. It works successfully and I am getting the test emails in the gmail ...

  • Hello Anna! First, just to address the "interesting" term used: deprecate ... check out this link Second, the Outlook add-in that is being deprecated is the "Dynamics 365 for Outlook" client. The new Outlook add-in is called **drum-roll please** "Dynamics ...

  • ​Firstly I'd like to say what an "interesting" expression to use for what is effectively the Outlook plug in becoming part of Outlook.  If that is indeed what it means? In practice what does it mean for my CRM users?  We have yet to upgrade from CRM ...

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Please let us know what you thought and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 

Please let us know what you thought and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 

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  • I didn’t have a chance to take in Windsor Castle or even Fish & Chips, but the United Kingdom really knows how to execute and deliver an outstanding ...