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  • The Q3 meeting is next week! Have you registered? We have a great schedule lined up - taking full advantage of our virtual availability! Make sure to get registered and I hope to "see" you there!  We  9:00 - 9:15 - Welcome 9:15 - 10:15 - Sponsor Presentation- ClickLearn ...

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  • It was great meeting everyone!  I enjoyed the content and the all too human snafu of getting people into breakout rooms.  Really found the Keynote pertinent and thanks for that.  Also, as I expected, when the "Goddess" took the reins all I could do was ...

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  • Thank you Audrey! I enjoyed the meeting and learned a few new tidbits.  Cheers Anne ------------------------------ Anne Stanton Grp Mgr, Business Analysis ------------------------------

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  • Thanks all who were able to join us for the virtual session yesterday with Portland! We certainly couldn't have done it without @Allison Briden ! ​​ If anyone needs any of the links, here is a recap of the session: Our Keynote speaker, Steven Andrews' ...

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  • Reminder! Happy hour is tomorrow (today if you are getting this in your morning CRMUG digest)! 4:30 PDT - Don't leave me staring at an empty Teams meeting :) Hope to see you all there! ------------------------------ Audrey Forrest RSM, Seattle WA ...

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    RE: Virtual Happy Hour?

    Hi @Audrey Forrest .  I am in. Great idea. I think there are others at my company that will want to join too.  Talk to everyone soon.  cc: @Michelle Dunlop , @Alissa Kerslake , @Rachel Barstow ​​​​​ ------------------------------ Lynn Keely Sr. ...

  • I'm long as I don't have to drive home too late ;-) ------------------------------ Barbara Oppen CRM Business Analyst Manager Pyrotek Spokane WA ------------------------------

  • Count me in :) ------------------------------ Jessica Learned CRM Application Administrator Pyrotek Spokane WA ------------------------------

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