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  • Summit Orlando is less than 3 weeks away! Are you going?! We have a chapter Teams channel to allow us to communicate with one another while we are there. It'll allow us to sync up for lunches and/or happy hours together, recommend sessions or vendors ...

  • Hi Everyone, Join us for our 3rd PowerApps user group meeting here in the Seattle area! These meetings are designed to help those new to the tool as well as those who have been with the tool since day one. We look to leverage the meetings to engage ...

  • Happy hour today! I never specified a time! Seth and I will probably get there around 4:30pm/4:45pm. ------------------------------ Audrey Forrest Senior Accountant and Business Analyst Seattle WA CRMUG Co-Chapter Leader - Seattle D365 CRM V9, GP 2015 ...

  • ​Sad to not make it but sounds like fun!  Maybe we'll get a chance to all meet up in Orlando.  Also, thank you for the links. ------------------------------ Jessica Learned CRM IS Technical Analyst Pyrotek Spokane WA ------------------------------

  • Excited to see everyone there next week! ------------------------------ Seth T. Bacon RSM Seattle, WA ------------------------------

  • Impromptu networking event!!  Don't you ever feel like we just don't hang out enough? Or that I am always cutting your conversations short, when you were just really getting into it? Or you just wish you that we would do something on the West side? Good ...

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  • Such great conversation from yesterday's meeting! I'll recap a few items here:  If you are interested in being notified of Purvin's webinars, you can connect with him on LinkedIn: or, he said the ...

  • Thank you, everyone, for the great engagement yesterday during the Solution me this session of the meeting! Please find attached the slides that contain the notes from the meeting. We would love to receive feedback on this session, so please either ...

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