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  • Hello CRMUG'ers! Our Q3 meeting is coming up next month and it's time to get registered!  We are still in the Advanta building, so it is very important that you register for the meeting, so I can make sure that check-in is seamless as you come in! ...

  • Hey guys, we talked about this in last month's meeting, but in case it has slipped your mind, special pricing for the Summit Conference in October ends tomorrow. If you are reading this in the daily email digest, that means today! :)  If you've never ...

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  • For those that wanted to learn more about the PowerApps and Flow, we will be meeting at Microsoft this afternoon and digging deeper on the topic! Agenda: 1:00 - 1:10 - Opening & What to Expect 1:10 - 2:00 - Session 1:  PowerApps and Microsoft ...

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    Q2 Meeting recap!

    Thanks everyone for attending last week! It was an action-packed meeting! If you missed it, Microsoft presented us with the April release notes for Sales, Sales AI, and Marketing. @Seth Bacon   showed us how to embed canvas apps within model-driven apps, ...

  • Hello CRMUG'ers! Our Q2 meeting is coming up next month and it's time to get registered! We've got a great lineup with Microsoft presenting the April Release Notes in human-speak, Canvas Apps, and more! We will be back in the Advanta building so make ...

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  • Hi All! Thanks again for everyone that braved the cold winter streets last month for the CRMUG meeting. As a reminder, tomorrow will be our first PowerApps and Flow User Group meeting happening in downtown Seattle from 1-5pm. As always, this is a free ...

  • Thank you so much for the quick reply!  I do see your message now, thanks for taking time to reply here too! ------------------------------ Maryna Wandschneider MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Inc. Seattle WA ------------------------------

  • @Maryna Wandschneider Yes, we are still on! I sent an email via Dynamics Communities this morning to all attendees. ​Here is the text of the email in case you missed it:  The Seattle area is thawing out, and I just wanted to confirm that we are still ...

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