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  • Thank you @Jerry Weinstock . This is very helpful. I agree with @Chris Brownfield - this would be a great topic for a future UG meeting. ​​​ ------------------------------ Nancy Peterson Senior Business Analyst Pitsco Education Pittsburg KS ----- ...

  • Nancy, Take a look at some of these Flow templates, I think one or more of them will answer your question directly or indirectly. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Data

    Thanks for the response Carrie! I suspected those were some of the things being done. We don't have any data admins so that's our first challenge! cute are you!!​ ------------------------------ Beth Handley-Bauer IT System Administrator Commerce ...

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    RE: Data

    Sarkis, thanks so much! I am going to try out the app!​ ------------------------------ Beth Handley-Bauer IT System Administrator Commerce Bank Kansas City MO ------------------------------

  • Maybe this could be a future CRMUG or something for the PowerApps UG to go over?  I found an article from a lady I follow on twitter (who is amazing), her blog post uses flow/CDS to move all the data around so not sure how helpful it is to you... ...

  • @Chris Brownfield - Thanks for this information. Do you have a link that walks through the steps of how to create a Microsoft Forms and connect the Contact and Case​ details to a form? I've been asked to make some changes to our current VoC forms, but ...

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    RE: I am so Blue!!!

    Thank you for passing along the info! ------------------------------ Shawn Hickey Burns & McDonnell Kansas City MO ------------------------------

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    RE: Data

    Hi Carrie and Beth We have a dedicated App to keep CRM free of duplicates. Its a managed solution on Appsource. The trial version can be useful too as it provides overview on the amount of the duplicates and prevents users from creation of new duplicates. ...

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