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  • Hi Donna, PBI won't be much different than SRS with regard to the CRM DB performance.  Similar bottlenecks apply for very large datasets. We've found the interactive nature of PBI can create additional load that we didn't have in our SRS reports.   We ...

  • Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is our September CRMUG Meeting. We have a staked deck with presentations on both MS Customer Insights and Flow! These will include a Sponsor Presentation by Avtex and a Customer Showcase by AEP. If you havent registered yet, please ...

  • We're starting to roll out a few instances of Power BI.  Is there anything to be concerned about from a performance standpoint regarding this tool hitting our production CRM database?  Microsoft allows it in the cloud so I'm thinking it may be okay.  ...

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    RE: Quick Question

    Shelby, I was brand new to CRM about four years ago and was totally lost as well. I then went to a CRM boot camp put on by PowerObjects, and as a CRM administrator, it was very helpful. Don't worry too much about not picking up on some of the topics ...

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    RE: Quick Question

    Good evening @Shelby Ochoa Welcome to the User Groups - There is enormous value in the peer to peer learning happening across the User Groups each and everyday, that I'd encourage you to consider.  Looks like you already tackled the first one by going ...

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    RE: Quick Question

    Hi Shelby, there are a ton of videos and blogs out there for learning D365. But you may find it un-structured that way(unless you are looking to learn a specific functionality) For a structured course, i found the very useful. If you dont ...

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    Quick Question

    Hello Everyone!  I just attended the local chapter meeting for the CRM user group in Chicago. As interesting as it was, I am very new to D365 and I was not catching on to some of the topics of conversation.  Ultimately, I was wondering if you all could ...

  • Donna, currently the MS Teams integration with D365 is the opposite of how the Skype integration used to work. MS is currently recommending that users install the Dynamics 365 Teams ADD IN to view Dynamics data and make calls, view records, etc. from ...

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  • Welcome!

    Collaborate with user group participants in and around Chicago, IL! Network with others in our area, plan local meetings, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to our local community.  Be sure to bookmark for quick & easy access to our community!

    Meet the volunteers who lead the local Chapter: 
    @Mohammed Qureshi CRM Architect, Nalco An Ecolab Company
    @Donna Liotta Manager Business Applications, National Safety Council
    @Jonathan Lee PMI Chicagoland Chapter President
    @Timothy Noce CRM Manager, AEP Energy​​​​

Please let us know what you thought and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 


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