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  • Thanks all for joining in our first virtual User Group meeting! Thanks especially to Seattle User Group leaders @Audrey Forrest and @Seth Bacon for successfully pulling this off! I hope you all enjoyed the Keynote talk by Steven Andrews on "The Social ...

  • Thanks for posting this! ------------------------------ Andy Arndt Minitab, Inc. State College PA ------------------------------

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  • The Microsoft Business Applications Summit, originally scheduled to be in Dallas, TX next month now is being provided as a free Virtual conference. Register for the May 6, 2020 Virtual event here: Microsoft Business Applications Summit - new registration ...

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  • ​At our D365 CE/CRM User group meeting last week, we discussed organizations being scheduled by Microsoft to upgrade from the classic Web interface to the new Unified Interface. @Gus Gonzalez  first made me aware of this in his Two Minute Tuesday video:  ...

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  • Thank you so much everyone for the help!  The new release for online in April does fix the issue.  I hope you all have a great rest of the week :) ------------------------------ Vanessa Lopez Black Knight Financial Services Jacksonville FL --------- ...

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  • @Leroi Dejesa ​ I was in your shoes years ago and I can tell you it is not that difficult to decompile dlls (this is pre .NET days). If you have no other option, go ahead and decompile that thing and be the hero at your work place. :) Here are some ...

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  • There is no magic with plugins in CRM.  They are dlls that were compiled from source.  If your partner did not give you the source code before they left, shame on them,  your company may also deserve some blame in this as well, for not making sure they ...

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  • When I have run across this in the past, the team had to go back to the original developer to get the source code. When the original developer is inaccessible, we evaluate if we can recreate the code or work around the black box depending on the need. ...

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