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  • Thank you again for a great meeting. Steve Harf's presentations on licensing and new features in the Fall release are attached. Don't forget to let us know if there is at topic you would like to see included in a future meeting. Linda ------------------------------ ...

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    Tuesday's meeting

    Thank you to all who attended Tuesday's meeting in person or online. I hope you all learned a lot from Steve Harf's presentation on the Microsoft licensing changes that went into effect in October and his presentation on the new features in the Fall 2019 ...

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    Today's meeting

    Please note, the correct street address for today's meeting is 1100 Superior Ave not 100 Superior Ave. We apologize for any problems this may cause. Linda ------------------------------ Linda Reno Manager, Information Technology Hitachi Healthcare ...

  • It's not too late to register for Tuesday's Cleveland Chapter meeting. We are excited that we will be providing a web meeting option in addition to the in person meeting. We hope it works well and provides an option for those who would otherwise not be ...

  • Hi all, Our meeting is less than a week away! We are so excited to offer a WebEx option along with our usual in-person meeting this time. Please use the links below to register for the meeting either in person or remotely. Please register for the ...

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  • that would be awesome and much appreciated! Look forward to attending remotely! ------------------------------ Heather L ------------------------------

  • Hi Heather, I will create an invite for those who need to attend remotely. We are excited to offer this new feature to increase participation! ------------------------------ Michelle Weiss CRM Manager Oswald Companies Cleveland OH ----------------- ...

  • Is there a way to attend this meeting remotely? I will not be able to attend this day due to other commitments. ------------------------------ Heather L ------------------------------

  • CRMUG Cleveland Meeting on October 1st

    The issue with registering has been resolved. We hope to see you there!​
  • CRMUG Cleveland Meeting on October 1st

    You may have just received an email announcing a CRMUG Cleveland Meeting on October 1st. There is a meeting on October 1st but, apparently, I did something wrong when setting it up as there is no button to register. I am working with CRMUG management to get this resolved so, hopefully, there will be a ​register button soon! I apologize for the inconvenience and I will post an update when this is resolved.

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