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1.  iPad unable to download customization

Posted 11 days ago
Please help. One of our users is unable to install recent customization when using the mobile app on his iPad. After successfully logging into the app the customization download screen appears but around step 3/5 a generic error is displayed "An error occurred while initializing the app. try again, or restart the app" with correlation-id: d03d7dcc-62d0-c76b-149a-1cd05cd81c8e.

User was able to successfully access app a few days ago, and no major changes have occurred to system.
User has plenty of storage space on device
All other users are able to download recent customizations



2.  RE: iPad unable to download customization

Posted 11 days ago
Edited by Charles Duff 11 days ago
I have some questions for you that might help me figure out possible problems:

1. Are any of the other users who are also successfully downloading the customization using iPads, or is this the only iPad user?
2. Is this user using Wifi , 3G or 4G internet, and was this different for the other users who successfully download the application?
3. You did mention there were no changes - but could a permission in 365 have changed for this user? Perhaps even triggered automatically by a company policy - or any other change similar to this one?
4. Did this iPad user change some settings on the iPad itself recently?

Charles Duff
Dynamics Edge, Inc.
San Jose CA

3.  RE: iPad unable to download customization

Posted 4 days ago
​It's possible the user updated his iPad to a new version.
Case this is true, he might need to push back the update or wait a few days until a CRM mobile app update for his version.

Alexandros Miaris
CRM Consultant
PPG Industries

4.  RE: iPad unable to download customization

Posted 3 days ago
​I always recommend to users that, in addition to ensuring they have at least 1 GB of free storage space, they should close all other apps and keep touching their screen to keep it from going dark anytime they are downloading changes, installing for the first time or reinstalling.  Still, we do see issues with users getting errors during launch or their app prompting them to download changes each time they launch and the oly solution seems to be to delete the app and reinstall....have you tried that yet?

Jill Vazquez
Bioventus, LLC
Durham NC