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1.  CRM Updates - specifically mobile

Posted 12 days ago
Is there a date determined to relieve the "error message" for web and mobile?  As well the inability to swipe "back" left to right on Andriod platform mobile app?  Thank you.

Jeff Conrad
Protective Industries, Inc.
Buffalo NY

2.  RE: CRM Updates - specifically mobile

Posted 11 days ago
The Android error is already resolved.  You might need to force-update your app on your smartphone.

Wayne Walton
CRM Practice Lead
Atlanta GA

3.  RE: CRM Updates - specifically mobile

Posted 9 days ago
​Which error message?  There are still a few that are present even on the most recent builds.

The swipe left issue is actually, generally, a speed issue.  The program is very, very slow, and in certain cases, it will take many seconds for the screen to change, even on the newest phones, causing people to continue swiping, which then causes a queue of backed up actions, which makes the app freeze or appear to freeze.  The recommendation from one of the CRM MVPs a ways back was to "go slower."

Adam Robinson
Director of Information Technology
Industrial Air Centers
Jeffersonville IN

4.  RE: CRM Updates - specifically mobile

Posted 7 days ago
Swiping is not anymore an issue since June. I had this issue on all IPhone (several) but the problem disappeared on all of them in June... and I don't know why (no App update nor IOS update).
It was like a miracle and I have no explanation. The app is fast and it's a pleasure to use it again.
(I'm using Dynamics CRM 365)
May be should you delete the app and install it again ?

Best regards

Samy Barmada