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1.  Searching contact name

Posted 11 days ago
We use full name as first and last name in CRM. Some clients go by their middle names instead of first. My colleagues want to be able to search using contact's middle and last name in addition to first and last name depending on the client. I've made middle name a quick find field for contacts. If I search for middle name only it finds clients, but not if I search for middle and last name. How have you solved this issue?

Stacey Hypes
NC League of Municipalities
Raleigh NC

2.  RE: Searching contact name

Posted 10 days ago
Create a hidden 'Middle Last Name' field and a workflow that concatenates Middle name and Last Name to this field.
Workflow runs on change in Middle Name.
Add the 'Middle Last Name' field to quick find.

That should do it?

Donal McCarthy

3.  RE: Searching contact name

Posted 10 days ago
You can change the Full Name format in System Settings to include middle name.
However, if you make the change it won't retrospectively update Full Name for existing contacts, it will only apply for new contacts. So you'll need to make a change to any of the name fields to force full name to be recalculated.

Feridun Kadir
Director, MVP
Expert CRM Services Ltd

4.  RE: Searching contact name

Posted 10 days ago
You should try relevance search which uses word proximity instead of words order and wildcard to figure out what you are looking for.

Nelson Johnson
703-906-9034 (cell)