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1.  Calculate business days

Posted 7 days ago


We have D365 online version for over a year now and I am not very knowledgeable in it. I am trying to create a SSRS report using Fetch
XML. I am trying to get the number of cases that are open more than 10 business days by queue. I have created a holiday table and loaded all weekends and out company holidays, but having trouble using it to calculate business days.

Can you help me how I can calculate business days.


Jyothi Divi
Application Systems Analyst
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Austin TX

2.  RE: Calculate business days

Posted 5 days ago

Here is a workaround for building the report -
1. Create a field "Aging days (Int)" in cases entity. Update this with a WF (custom) to check for the system date and based on the day (leave the count if sat or sun or holidays - you can cross reference it with your holidays table).

2. Create a fetchXML report based on - Case status = open and Aging days >10

Dhivya Sivasankkar
CRM Developer
Fairfax VA