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How to intergrate SharePoint Data (lists) into Dynamics 365 and vice versa

  • 1.  How to intergrate SharePoint Data (lists) into Dynamics 365 and vice versa

    Posted Sep 13, 2018 12:34 PM

    I just started looking into this but we have a tool that is something eventually we will replace in D365.  It is some forms in SharePoint that collect some activity data.  I am thinking adoption wise for our company it would be useful to integrate this data into Dynamics before replacing the tool. Gain adoption feature by feature promoting Dynamics.  Then slowly replace the tool.  An effort was put into the tool so it will be something that may take some effort to move away from. 

    Right now the data sits in SharePoint. I would like to have it access or receive our Accounts and Contacts from Dynamics.  Then take the data from our SharePoint lists and pull those into the system. Switch to our reporting in D365 to gain adoption. Accounts and Contacts can be updated in D365 as well.

    What is the best way for this integration of SharePoint? Pull data from the lists and into our entities for reporting. Also to get the data from Dynamics into SharePoint. The default integration appears to be more SharePoint storage and posting reports to SharePoint.

    I am thinking a tool like KingsWaySoft's integration or maybe Flow? Seems Flow might do from Dynamics into SharePoint but not sure about the other way around yet? 

    Brant Paquette
    Brookfield WI

  • 2.  RE: How to intergrate SharePoint Data (lists) into Dynamics 365 and vice versa

    Posted Sep 14, 2018 09:06 AM
    I would suggest looking into Virtual Entities if the SharePoint data is meant to be read only.  But it sounds like longer term, this is a move from SharePoint to CRM.

    I think Flow is the first place to review and test.  I created a Flow in a very short amount of time that moved documents from Dynamics note attachments into SharePoint. For SharePoint to Dynamics, check out some of the templates.  Searching for SharePoint Dynamics, I found this one: On approval create a Dynamics 365 entity for items in a SharePoint list. This template is useful if you have a SharePoint list with items that need to be tracked in Dynamics 365. There is additionally an explict approval step so you can manually check if the entity should be created.

    It might be a good starting point for some quick testing!

    James Novak
    Technical Architect
    Futurez Consulting
    Springfield VA

  • 3.  RE: How to intergrate SharePoint Data (lists) into Dynamics 365 and vice versa

    Posted Sep 14, 2018 03:22 PM
    Hi Brant,

    I don't have my head completely around your requirements, so it's difficult to make a specific suggestion, but here are a few thoughts (in the order I would consider them in).

    (1) There is some out of the box integration available between CRM and SharePoint.  It supports: (a) creating SharePoint folders whenever a new record is created in CRM, (b) displaying a list of SharePoint or OneNote documents that are associated with a specific CRM record (such as an Account or Contact) in a list within CRM.  It has some pros/cons.  We did a webinar on this a while back - but most of the integration still works the same way: SharePoint to CRM Integration Options

    (2) Flow: James mentioned this in his post, and it is intended for exactly this type of integration - across different Office 365 applications (as well as a variety of third party apps).  There are some frustrating limitations, but there is almost always a workaround (particularly if you can write a bit of code), and Microsoft is regularly adding new triggers and functions.

    (3) CRM add-ons.  There are some for free in GitHub (here's one: gobusnuts/Develop1_SharePointIntegration), and some on Microsoft AppSource (search for "attachment" and a number of options will show up).  We've worked with a few of these - there are some great options out there and there are some awful options … test first!

    (4) Integration tools.  There are a number of data integration tools like Kingsway, Scribe and many others.  My general experience with these is that they are great for moving structured data, but SharePoint data can be particularly challenging.

    And, of course, there is always your friendly neighborhood Dynamics 365 partner - we're here to help if you need it!

    Geoff Ables
    Managing Partner
    C5 Insight
    Charlotte NC

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