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  • 1.  "Set State" Event in Audit Log of Tasks Closing

    Posted Aug 11, 2020 02:13 PM
    We have been having trouble for a while now that there are one of our departments has their tasks closing randomly. We have looked regularly into everything we can find that might be causing this but it's still coming up nothing. The details we have are as follows:

    • It's not all their tasks, just random ones.
    • The task closes after an Update is made to the task.
    • Updating a task only seldom triggers the closure.
    • The Event that closes the tasks shows in the audit log as a "Set State" Activity.

    Here is a picture of our audit log for one task that was hit by this issue this morning.
    This issue has been with this department now for months. In this example, the user in question bumps the due date on this task every couple days or weeks pending the need. They've been doing this since before and after this issue appeared. Every time they did it, going as far back as it goes, they Update the due date and everything works.

    But Randomly, today, right after they bumped the due date, a "Set State" occurs in the employee's name, and completes the task. We don't have any processes built to complete tasks, and if this were a process, I'd imagine it would be more widespread.

    They then ran an on-demand process to re-open their task, which worked. They then made one more update to the tasks details, which showed in here as updating the "Actual End" (Which is a hidden field, our staff can't edit that field. Once that update resolved, it immediately triggered the same "Set State" and Completed the Task again.

    The same department, and even the same user has updated many other tasks today without encountering this issue. It's very sporadic, and doesn't adhere well to much of a pattern.

    So my questions are:

    • What causes the "Set State" action in the audit log?
    • Have you seen this before?
    • Where should I look to correct this? We've checked our processes and plugins numerous times and are having no luck,
    • Is it possible this is a bug that should be brought to Microsoft's attention, rather than a problem in our systems? It's inconsistency makes me hesitant to blame our processes.

    Any Advice would be incredibly helpful.

    Kirk Hopko
    Synergy Credit Union
    Lloydminster SK

  • 2.  RE: "Set State" Event in Audit Log of Tasks Closing

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hello @Kirk Hopko - thank you for your detailed question. I'm also facing the same exact use-case. Did you end up finding anything about what is causing this to take place?

    thank you

    Lara Khoury

  • 3.  RE: "Set State" Event in Audit Log of Tasks Closing

    Posted 13 days ago

    Have you checked the System Jobs area to see if there are any real-time or background flows which can cause this update? I would suggest that you check that too. If the issue is replicable in a sandbox environment, it would also be a good idea to raise a ticket to Microsoft, since if it is a bug, they will anyway not charge you for it. 

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