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Subject: Content Marketing

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1.  Content Marketing

Posted 02-17-2017 10:56 AM
Content Marketing is such a buzz word (and has been for a couple of years).  What does it mean to you as a marketer?  And how have you found success implementing a content marketing plan?

Missy Heilman
Director of Marketing
Dynamic Communities
West Fargo ND

2.  RE: Content Marketing

Posted 02-20-2017 10:44 AM
It's not a buzz word here, it's a discipline. I describe our company marketing strategy as being 100% content marketing, we are not an advertising shop. We don't run ads like our competitors, we prove our worthiness. We don't sell, we show you why we're a good match.
Since our IP is our product, we work really hard to get our SMEs to become thought-leaders and content marketing has been the single reason why we are successful in SEO, lead generation and brand presence.
It's certainly a struggle, and we don't produce near enough content as we should, because we're asking IT consultants to tell stories in a way they aren't wired to. Some dislike the idea of having to participate in marketing, but with the ones that do, they consider it a great accomplishment to now be a thought-leader that we've highlighted in our work.
We are working on expanding our mediums for content, such as podcasting and more videos. There are a ton of ways to deliver it and we want to try them all!

Brooke Browne
Marketing Manager
Houston TX