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Mass mailing from D365 CRM

  • 1.  Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-09-2018 08:39 AM
    Has anyone experienced duplicate emails being deposited in the drafts folder of a sender's mailbox when sending mass emails from D365?

    We create three Marketing Lists in CRM and use these marketing lists to send emails (each containing a 5MB attachment) via a shared mailbox. While the emails seem to eventually send (approx. 100), we notice that the emails are first added to the drafts folder of the Sending mailbox. The processing time for these emails is sloooooow (approx. 6 hours) and we notice emails are actually duplicated in the drafts folder - however duplicates are not sent!

    Luke Dunnett

  • 2.  RE: Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-09-2018 03:02 PM
    D365 doesn't do mail itself, it uses your Exchange.  It's also not designed for bulk email.  As such, large attachment emails like what you're doing are likely to be incredibly nonperformant.  I'd say what your seeing is mostly intended.

    MS assumes you're going to use Dynamics Marketing or something like ClickDimensions for mass email.

    Wayne Walton
    CRM Practice Lead
    eBECS Limited
    Atlanta GA

  • 3.  RE: Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-10-2018 09:56 PM
    ​We set up a client with a Logic App and Sendgrid to solve their bulk outbound email.
    The Logic App reads the Pending Send status mail records and creates emails in Sendgrid, then changes the status to Sent.
    They have sent out over 100k messages without any problems.

    I am going to speak about Logic Apps at Summit.

    Nelson Johnson
    Solution Architect
    BroadPoint Technologies, LLC
    Bethesda MD

    If you are coming to summit, I will be speaking on a couple topics:
    CCS02 - How to Integrate SharePoint and CRM Using Logic Apps
    DEV03 - Turn Your User Stories into Unit Tests

  • 4.  RE: Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-11-2018 03:44 AM
    ​Thanks both. Strange that our mailings worked fine up until August - do you know what changed?

    We are currently looking into the Marketing App.

    Luke Dunnett

  • 5.  RE: Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-12-2018 10:56 AM
    I recommend Click Dimensions over the Marketing App.  And I agree sending the 5mb attachment from within Dynamics is going to 1) take a long time to send, if they all do send, and 2) It's going to make most of your emails go to spam because of the attachment

    You can also get blocked by your ISP if you send too many emails through Dynamics.

    Tim Dailey
    Sr Marketing CRM Administrator
    Starkey Hearing Technologies
    The CRM Dude (freelance consultant)
    Eden Prairie MN

  • 6.  RE: Mass mailing from D365 CRM

    Posted 10-15-2018 10:36 AM
    ​We have seen the same issue with our users sending emails with attachments from CRM. We are an on premise instance with on premise Outlook using Server Side Synchronization. We currently have a ticket open with Microsoft and have been providing them with Logs so they can find a solution to the issue. I'd recommend you open a support ticket with Microsoft.

    We also use ClickDimensions and highly recommend it.


    Jim Wooldridge
    Sr. Analyst
    Salt River Project
    Tempe AZ