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Issue syncing task due dates

  • 1.  Issue syncing task due dates

    Posted 09-12-2018 03:16 PM
    For those syncing Tasks to Outlook, have you encountered issues with the due date?  For some reason, when I create a Task in Dynamics (online v8.2), it appears in Outlook with a due date one day earlier.  I found the thread below which describes the issue.

    Obviously, due date is a critical field for task management.  If you had the same issue, how did you resolve?


    Task entered in Outlook shows wrong due date in MS To-Do

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    Task entered in Outlook shows wrong due date in MS To-Do
    If I add a new Task in Outlook, set the Due Date as 15 May (as an example) after it syncs Microsoft To-Do shows incorrectly "Sun, 14 May" as Due Date. When I do it the other way around and add the to-do in MS To-Do and set the Due Date as Mon, 15 May after syncing Outlook correctly shows 15th of May.
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    Kyle Buggie
    Columbus OH

  • 2.  RE: Issue syncing task due dates

    Posted 09-14-2018 11:44 AM
    Hi Kyle,

    Is this an issue with specific user/machine or is it organization wide?

    One thing to check would be matching Timezones between the Dynamics Server and Outlook Clients.

    You can test this by specifying a time zone for user as described here: Specify time zone settings for a user (Developer Guide for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement)

    *note: time zone can also be set in personal options: Setting Personal Options

    Additionally, what version of the Dynamics for Outlook is currently installed?


    Bailey Moss
    Account Manager
    Atlanta, GA