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1.  Default Signature

Posted 10-09-2017 02:10 PM

We are wondering if we can set up default signatures when sending an email in Dynamics? Is there a way that it can automatically pick up the signature the way it does in Outlook, for example?

Thank you so much!

Vika Rashchinina
Concert Technologies

2.  RE: Default Signature

Posted 10-09-2017 05:38 PM
Settings -> Templates -> Email Signatures

Let me know if this helps.

Charles Duff
Dynamics Edge, Inc.
San Jose CA

3.  RE: Default Signature

Posted 10-11-2017 09:43 AM

I don't see a way to create a single template that would pull in the associate's information for creating a standard for all associates. With the Email templates you can "Insert/Update" and place word merge like fields.


David Hiden
Director of Information Technology

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4.  RE: Default Signature

Posted 10-12-2017 08:44 AM
Edited by Holly Olson 10-12-2017 01:57 PM

I used the following to create an email template that pulls over the individuals information in a standard format.

Dynamics CRM Custom Email
CodePlex remove preview
Dynamics CRM Custom Email
Utility to extend Dynamics CRM Email functionality: templates for custom entities with dynamics fields, email/templates reusing attachments, attachments viewers
View this on CodePlex >

I know Codeplex is going read only in early November so I would check it out soon.

Holly Olson
Magnetek, Inc.