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1.  Getting Piped Data to work in Voice of the Customer

Posted 03-20-2017 05:02 PM

I have a survey that is using piped data in VotC. I have included the piped data correctly, and followed a few tutorials out there on how to edit your survey snippet.

To generate dynamic content, I am following these rules -

[Survey-Snippet-Start]43643543-235423445|customer= {Full Name(Contact (Contact))}|user= {Owner(Opportunity)}|other_1= {Opportunity(Opportunity)}[Survey-Snippet-End]

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What I have in bold is the typical dynamic code to use in an email inside a workflow. However when you click on the link, all you see is that exact code.

So the survey, instead of showing:

It's showing:
{Full Name(Contact (Contact))}.


I've followed a few tutorials to the tee, and tried removing/adding spaces in the snippet, etc. Nothing works. Can someone share with me their code that worked?


Brooke Browne
Marketing Manager
Houston TX

2.  RE: Getting Piped Data to work in Voice of the Customer

Posted 03-20-2017 05:23 PM

Hi Brooke-

I had some issues when I was testing surveys when it first came out, and what I ran into was an issue where I had the Email Snippet in my workflow email more than once.  This broke my dynamic content in the snippets.  Maybe this is your issue?

If you look at this blog post, it goes through more of those details and provides an example snippet as well as what it looks like in the survey.  Maybe that'll help you.

Sonoma Partners Microsoft CRM and Salesforce Blog

Pete Majer
Principal Consultant
Sonoma Partners
Chicago IL

3.  RE: Getting Piped Data to work in Voice of the Customer

Posted 03-21-2017 12:27 PM
Thanks Pete! You helped me out a bunch on the survey responses not coming through on your blog post. If you do a presentation at Summit on VotC I'm definitely attending.

I figured it out - I didn't realize this was so critical. I was having problems with CRM not allowing me to edit the snippet inside of the email composer. My cursor wouldn't move, it wouldn't delete or type - weird. So I built the full string in Notepad.

I didn't realize I HAVE to build the dynamic strings in that wizard thing on the right. I was finally able to do it, and NOW it's working!

So lesson learned - you can't hand type the dynamic strings, even if they are technically right!

Brooke Browne
Marketing Manager
Houston TX