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Denver Chapter Round Up at Summit '18

  • 1.  Denver Chapter Round Up at Summit '18

    Posted Oct 04, 2018 10:06 AM
    ​Hello Denver CRMUG Chapter!!

    Where has the time gone? We are a little over 1 week away from Summit '18 in Phoenix, which promises to be one heck of a fun, educational, memorable good time!

    For all those coming down to get your learnin' on, the Denver Chapter is going to meet up for lunch on Tuesday, Oct. 16th from 12-1 in the CRMUG Lunch hall.  We will commandeer a table at the back right corner of hall.  When you come in the doors, turn to your right and head toward the far wall.  Look for the CRMUG-Denver signage or for @Carrie Kuhl and me, we will be there. 

    As Summit veterans, we just want to ensure everyone, especially the first-timers, are comfortable and informed and have an opportunity to ask questions or get clarifications on all the Summit happenings.

    Come hang out!

    Carrie and Erik

    Erik Guthrie
    IT-Data and Business Applications Group Manager
    Spectra Logic
    Boulder CO
    [email protected]

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