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    Posted 28 days ago

    Good Morning DC!

    As you saw in Leah's email to the community this morning, these UG sites will be replaced with the Decision Acceleration Community in 2021.

    The local community set up is still being figured out and I do not have the details around that yet. However, we know that this space will be going away in just a few days. So I would recommend you take a few minutes to do the following:

    1. Connect with me and our other leaders on LinkedIn! We are always sharing our events there so you will know what to do or where to reach out if there is confusion. Leaders: Kylie Kiser, Aiden Kaskela, Nelson Johnson, Bill Meadors
    2. Join our Meetup Group! We have been cross-posting events on Meetup for several months. So in the interim we encourage you to join there to ensure you are up to date on our events.
    3. Set up your DAC profile and follow us there too! My DAC profile is ready for you to follow so you should see events once they are added there too.

    Thank you all for making the community a success! We hope to continue to see you in the new year in our new home when that is ready. (And if you have a wristband with that URL on it, it is officially retro!)

    Also don't forget that we have an awesome meeting scheduled for the evening of 1/13. Make sure you save the date!

    Recordings from this event and all virtual events will also be available on my YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe to see those if you cannot attend live.

    Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Thank you! Happy New Year!

     @Aiden Kaskela  @Nelson Johnson  @Bill Meadors

    Kylie Kiser
    Product Owner, CRM
    Kylie Kiser

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