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Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules

  • 1.  Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules

    Posted Nov 17, 2016 09:43 AM

    I've been using workflows on incoming email to look for messages to specific queues and then process them. The process works fine for the business purposes.

    My only concern with this is that the workflow fires on every email. Condition statements has it exit quickly, but still it's another process firing on other emails (like those being tracked by sales reps).

    I was looking at some of the improvements that came in 2015 for Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules. Now that it supports any entity (including custom entities) It looks more compelling.

    The question is, do these new rules fire only on email that enters the specific queue? If so, that would be a potential performance gain. If it fires on every queue item or email message, then it's not much of a gain.

    Does anyone have any insights, anecdotal or otherwise? 

    Rob Gallini
    Technical Operations Manager
    Harper Collins Christian Publishing
    Grand Rapids MI

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