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#Sales - Adding Colaborative Notes to Editable View ?

  • 1.  #Sales - Adding Colaborative Notes to Editable View ?

    Posted 14 days ago
    I'm looking for a way to update notes for 75 files at a glance.
    We have files that we have a group leaders meet to discuss monthly.
    I'm looking for a way to add a note to the notes section from a view.( below is an example)
    These files are Growth files that we track and we want to have all the files open (like in a view), and then want to add a note at the time of the meeting .
    We don't want to have an entire group wait on each file to load into the system for just a short note.
    I had the idea to create a field on the form then edit that field monthly in the view but then I'd need to find a way to move all 75 text note over to the notes section so it becomes a part of the file in the timeline and I didn't see a clear path for this with a workflow.
    Any ideas on a good way to add notes on say  around 75 files quickly.
    This process is currently a manual process with spreadsheets.
    I'm able to pull all the information I need for the view except the notes.
    Any Ideas on how I can accomplish adding notes from this type of view?
    This is an example from Sandbox (obivous dev envornment not real) showing the Growth call note field. This is a typical list of files that we collaborate on over a 2 hour time frame so speed is essential.

    Chris Adams
    St Louis

  • 2.  RE: #Sales - Adding Colaborative Notes to Editable View ?

    Posted 10 days ago

    Hi Chris.

    You are not able to include Notes in a view.  That is if the notes you are discussing are the out of the box notes associated with each File (opportunity).  I guess there are data points you want to see for each file as in your attached view and maybe a note (mulit-line text) field to enter a note.  Do you need to see the previous notes?

    A couple of options.
    1. Create a "note" field as text and multiple lines. create a workflow, power automate, javascript, or plugin to move the text to notes upon save.
    2. Create a PowerApp to display the data as you wish.

    Does this help? 

    Sanford Mosby
    Sr. Technical Consultant
    St. Louis MO

  • 3.  RE: #Sales - Adding Colaborative Notes to Editable View ?

    Posted 10 days ago

    I will give this a try and advise on outcome.


    Thank you.



    Have a Great Day!




    Chris Adams MCSE  | Sales Operations Specialist

    Nidec Motor Corporation

    8050 W. Florissant Ave., St Louis, Mo. 63136

    Office #314-595-8172

    Cell #618-910-7475


  • 4.  RE: #Sales - Adding Colaborative Notes to Editable View ?

    Posted 6 days ago

    ​Hi Chris,


    I think that the Notes you are wanting to add is its own entity within Advanced Find. So may not be as easy to just add a mass update. You could explore adding a custom field for notes (multiple line open text box) on the entity and that may be an easier/better result.


    If you want to use the Notes field, you have to kind of work backwards. Start with Look For=Notes then add the related fields.

    Trisha Zalenski
    CRM & Data Specialist
    St. Louis Cardinals
    St Louis MO

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