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#Sales Adding colors to fields for Option set selection visible in views

  • 1.  #Sales Adding colors to fields for Option set selection visible in views

    Posted 16 days ago
    I've been researching ways to add the option set colors to the view & or BPF.
    I'd like to fill the text field with the color.
    So where they select Green, it would fill the text box with the color instead of the text Green.(image below)
     I have added the colors to the option set but have been unable to get the color to show up in the Business process flow or the views.
    I also want this to show up in charts/dashboards.
    There are plenty of examples of how to do this using Calendar Controls, but not one that I've found for the text field in the business process flow or the text field of the option set. See below showing the selected color for Green is Green. This is showing that our Commercial status is Good or Green.
    If we have an slight issue on a file it might be yellow or bigger issue it might be red. I have the codes but haven't been able to get the colors to show on the views, BPF, or in charts & dashboards. It looks ridiculous to have the Text "Red" and color show up on a dashboard as blue.
    I would think that the dashboards would automatically have a very simple option for color adjustment(without code or creating a solution), since the entire point of a dashboard is visual.
    This visual would help us identify and overcome any potential problems in Technical or Commercial areas of our business so we can quickly identify the problem and resolve it. While using the text is ok it's less visual. I'd like to be able to at least give my team what they had in a spreadsheet format.
    Thank you in advance.
    This is a visual of one of my option sets that need to have a color associated with the selection.
    Showing color selection Red
    This is an image of the Option set selection in the view. Each of the colors represents the status for various topics like pricing or products for each file. This allows us to target those files and fix the issues quickly. Having the color would quicken the visual aid. We use this in a spreadsheet format and it's tough to explain that D365 can't do what we can do in a spreadsheet. I've run into wall after wall on this. So any assistance would be appreciated.

    Chris Adams
    Nidec Motor Corporation
    St Louis

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