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  • 1.  Meet up for dinner Tues. 10/16 at Summit?

    Posted Sep 19, 2018 04:17 PM
    ​Hey, folks!
    Want to meet up Tuesday night for dinner?
    I'm guessing places near the convention center will be busy so we may want to make a reservation, use the Yelp App to find out wait times on seating, or meet as a group at the convention center and try walking places til we find a place we can get in. Also could pick a location farther from the Convention center and take a Lyft/Uber/Cab. What do you all prefer?

    I'm also going Monday night to the Summit Welcome Reception from 5-8pm in the Expo Hall, if anyone wants to meet up for that.

    Allison Briden
    Business Systems Analyst
    Energy Trust of Oregon
    Portland OR

  • 2.  RE: Meet up for dinner Tues. 10/16 at Summit?

    Posted Sep 20, 2018 04:26 AM

    Tuesday night looks to be an option for me. I will also be there on Monday night as well.

    Rob Harrison
    IT Manager: CRM Systems
    Portland OR

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