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Answers to questions from last week's CRMUG Q3 meeting

  • 1.  Answers to questions from last week's CRMUG Q3 meeting

    Posted Aug 17, 2018 07:53 PM

    Q: Will there be an On-premises version of CRM released in October?

    A: Nothing firm about a release commit for on-premise (yet).


    Q: Marketing & Customer service: How is licensing working for the two as of version 9.0? Can you have both? Is the license level higher (i.e., more expensive) to have access to both? 

    A: In v9, if you have the Customer Engagement license, Marketing and Customer Service are included.  Both Marketing and Customer Service are only offered in the Unified Interface (new interface). Here's a reference on licensing -


    Q: Marketing & Customer service used to have separate databases. Is everything (all data) now in one place/the same database, hosted in one UI?

    A: In v9, both Customer Service and Marketing are on the same database (Common Data Service, aka CDS) and are hosted in the Unified Interface.


    Q: LinkedIn – linking Leads in CRM where they have the same LinkedIn Profile but have multiple lead records in CRM with different emails – are these duplicates detected?

    A: Bryan Engle suggests using a solution like AutoMerge ( to detect duplicates after synchronizing leads with Dynamics/LinkedIn.


    Q: Is the Relationship Assistant available on Mobile?

    A: Relationship Assistant is available on Mobile

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