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Top 5 Best Office 365 Email Backup Software

  • 1.  Top 5 Best Office 365 Email Backup Software

    Posted 10 days ago

    Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular business productivity suite at the moment. Office 365 is being used by millions of people all around the world. With Office 365, users can effortlessly work online, share files and spreadsheets, and work from home, laptops, or mobile devices. Office 365 moves Microsoft Office to the cloud, but it also introduces a slew of new risks. Microsoft retention rules do not include the daily backup and archiving process that is required to restore data after it has been manually or automatically removed/deleted from the account.

    As a result, there is an immediate need for Office 365 Backup Solutions to secure O365 Mailbox objects such as Emails, Contacts, and Calendar. The Top 5 listed Office 365 backup software will be discussed in the following section. Continue reading to get the best Office 365 Mailbox Backup Solution for your needs.

    Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool

    Best Tool to Archive or Backup Mailboxes from Office 365 into PST, EML MSG, MBOX, EMLX, PDF and Other File Format.

    Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Software is the best Office 365 backup solution among the top five. This software has an easy-to-use interface and can backup Exchange Online Office 365 Mailbox (emails, contacts, calendar) contents and restore the full mailbox back to the O365 Tenant. A free demo version of the software is made accessible to users, allowing them to gain a thorough preview of the application's capabilities in a short period of time.

    • Office 365 backup to PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX/ EML
    • Using a naming convention, you can specify the name you want to export.
    • Multiple filter options, such as email, date, and user filter, are available to make backup and restore tasks easier.
    • Import numerous PST files to Office 365 with a single click.
    • Admins can use the Impersonation feature to backup numerous User accounts at the same time.
    • Before exporting or importing Office 365 data, preview the full mailbox.
    • Installation is simple on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
    • To set a checkpoint for backup and restoration, use the Pause and Resume option.
    • Deleted Office 365 Mailbox Items Can Be Restored.

    Cigati Office 365 Backup Tool

    Cigati Office 365 Backup Tool comes in second place on the best Office backup Solutions list. This software fully removes the possibility of losing Exchange Online email data and assures that your users have access to O365 data. Backup Office 365 Exchange Online data (email, calendar, and contacts*) to the cloud using the software. A free demo is available.

    • Back up your complete Office 365 mailbox to the cloud.
    • Spend less time backing up and restoring email data.
    • Import Multiple PST Files to Office 365 Mailboxes
    • Backup and export Office 365 Mailbox objects to PST files.
    • Office 365 Mailboxes are automatically backed up to the cloud.
    • Recover deleted Mailboxes from Office 365.

    MacSonik Office 365 Backup Tool

    MacSonik Office 365 Backup Tool is another product in the top five list. The software allows you to backup numerous Office 365 mails and public folders to your local devices in full or in granularity. The advanced search feature allows the user to backup and restores entire mailboxes or certain types of data, such as email folders, calendars, or contacts, as well as individual things such as single messages or attachments. A free trial version is available.

    • Backup Office 365 to PST File Format
    • Once a backup is produced, the procedure is completed in an invisible manner.
    • Back up on the fly or set up automatic backups.
    • Control all Office backups from a single location when maintained centrally.

    Sysinfo Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool

    The cloud-based Office 365 backup solution Sysinfo Office 365 Backup Tool is used to backup and store data to the cloud. The app allows the user to create automatic backups of their Office 365 Email, Calendars, and OneDrive data. When data is destroyed from an Office 365 account, the user can recover it immediately. A free trial is available.

    • The ability to backup and restore essential Office data.
    • Backup data from Office 365 Mails, Calendar, Public Folder, and Archive Folder.
    • Keeps a precise record of the tasks completed by the administrator.
    • Access historical backup snapshots and restore from there.
    • Office 365 Backup has a simplified interface and unlimited storage.

    Cloudally Office 365 Exchange Backup

    Cloudally Office 365 Exchange backup is supported by all plans and covers Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. Backups can be activated for all users or selected users using the software. Granular item level search and restoration, or restore whole O365 mailbox items, including emails, contacts, calendar, and so on, using our non-destructive restore to the same user or to a different user if the destination field is provided. When you buy a one-year subscription, you get two months free.

    The Final Word

    The user can select one of the Top 5 Best Office Backup Solutions from the list to fit their individual Office 365 tenant. However, if you wish to backup Office 365 files in multiple formats, such as PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX/ EMLX, and another file format, Office 365 Email Backup Software from Aryson is a perfect choice.

    Mithilesh Tata

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