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CRM Development Projects @ UW-Stout -- Student Project Showcase 1

  • 1.  CRM Development Projects @ UW-Stout -- Student Project Showcase 1

    Posted Jun 13, 2016 03:23 PM


    My name is Evan Sveum.  I am an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  Over the past six years, myself and my colleagues at UW-Stout have developed curriculum that has been supported by the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance and a few local Microsoft Partners.  Today, I would like to start a time of showcasing the project work of our students.

    My purpose for showcasing our students work is simple.  I know there is a substantial shortage for skilled employees and... our students are looking for rewarding employment.  It is my privilege to serve two audiences!  I am also focusing on the Twin Cities area because we have many students and industry partners from the Twin Cities.  It's our 'back yard', so to speak.

    Because I understand that you are all busy, I would like to showcase one student project at a time.  Each showcase will be delivered via video.

    In conclusion, I would be happy to engage any of you related to anything you see, what we do @ UW-Stout or anything else.

    Thank you!


    Student Project Showcase 1

    Class Name:  Information Systems for Enterprise

    Project Name:  Creative Solutions Using CRM Group Project.  See project overview video at:

    Project Overview:  Student project groups are asked to redesign an existing business process utilizing CRM.

    Student Group Showcased:  Q3

    Video Found At:

    Evan Sveum
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Wisconsin-Stout
    Menomonie WI

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