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missing "Start Dialog" from new UI

  • 1.  missing "Start Dialog" from new UI

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 11:16 AM
    I have CRM365 ,  Version
    Developed "Dialog" as a process (on case entity) and it was working fine in classic interface.
    I switched to new Unified 
    Interface, and now can't see "Start Dialog" at all .
    Any help will be appreciated


    Mohamad Idlepi
    CRM Development Manager
    Cineplex Inc.
    Toronto ON

  • 2.  RE: missing "Start Dialog" from new UI

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 04:48 PM

    Hello Mohamad,

    I have not tried Dialog in the new UI interface. Yet Microsoft want to deprecate them so it's not a surprise that it's not as easy to find them sadly.

    For workflows, the "Run workflow" button has been moved in the "Flows" button. Maybe the "Start Dialog" has been moved there too?

    Best regards,

    Laurent Maneville
    Drummondville QC

  • 3.  RE: missing "Start Dialog" from new UI

    Posted Sep 05, 2019 01:19 AM
    The reason, because Dialogs are now depreciated in version 9 itself. While you are on new version, the capability is removed from new UI.

    refer to :

    Kamaldeep Singh
    ASG Group

  • 4.  RE: missing "Start Dialog" from new UI

    Posted Sep 05, 2019 05:23 AM
    Dialogs are deprecated and are not supported in the new UI.

    There a few different techniques to replace them.  Here is my blog on how I used embedded canvas apps;

     Note that in the comments of this post, someone did share a JavaScript snippet that supposedly will launch a dialog from the new UI, but I haven't tried it.


    Nick Doelman
    Microsoft MVP
    Dynamics 365 Specialist
    Nick Doelman Co.
    ottawa ON

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