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TIP...of the Quarter..

  • 1.  TIP...of the Quarter..

    Posted May 09, 2019 09:52 AM
    ​Calling all tipsters!!

    We need your useful advice, hint, suggestion, cue, clue, guideline, recommendation, in other word your TIPs, tip of the quarter. Remember, 10 min tip & then you get a gift. Let me know if you can help out for the June 20th meeting! Thanks!

    Beth Handley-Bauer
    IT System Administrator
    Commerce Bank
    Kansas City MO

  • 2.  RE: TIP...of the Quarter..

    Posted May 10, 2019 03:14 AM
    I have a quick tip on how you prevent users to create duplicates.Let me know I its relevant.
    Thank you

    Sarkis Derbedrossian
    Techdio A/S
    Copenhagen - Denmark

  • 3.  RE: TIP...of the Quarter..

    Posted May 17, 2019 03:01 PM

    ​Thanks Beth for posting!!

    Just a friendly reminder you must attend the June 20th meeting & present the tip in person to receive the gift card. :-)

    Thanks! Leah Kilkenny

    Leah Kilkenny
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
    Kansas City MO

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