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Unfortnate Upgrade Experience

  • 1.  Unfortnate Upgrade Experience

    Posted Feb 08, 2019 07:45 PM

    Last night, we upgraded our 3rd of 4 CRM production instances.  We have 4 CRM instances and upgraded two in January, one this week, and have one scheduled for next week.  Each production instance has at least one corresponding development instance and one test instance.  We had a very unfortunate and confusing experience with last night's upgrade.  The version that was pushed to our production instance was different than what was in our dev and test instances (one of the dev instances was upgraded 3 weeks ago).  It was different than the two instances we upgraded in January.  We had zero visibility into the fact that our production instance would be a higher version which has forced us to do regression testing in production.  This is completely unacceptable.  The UI is different and functions we had tested successfully in our development and test environments had issues in production.  I know Microsoft is moving to a more "Salesforce-like" upgrade model, but this experience creates massive risk to the clients.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences and if so, was Microsoft responsive it helping.  We have escalated this issue within Microsoft, but looking to understand other's experiences.

    Michelle Dunlop
    Director, Global Sales Operations
    Russell Investments
    Seattle WA

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