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  • 1.  xRM development ROI

    Posted Sep 11, 2013 09:23 AM

    What, if any, development/design/deployment efficiencies have you seen gained using Dynamics CRM as a development platform?  Was there a positive ROI on development investment?

    Jason Weathers
    Enterprise Application Architect
    Protective Life Insurance Company
    Birmingham AL

  • 2.  RE:xRM development ROI

    Posted Sep 19, 2013 07:30 PM
    Hello Jason and I apologize for the slow reply.  Quick answer: yes - there is definitely a positive ROI in using Dynamics CRM as a platform.  The biggest reason - so much is already baked into CRM that development time is cut dramatically.  By starting with such a robust yet flexible base, time to deployment is far less versus other platforms.  Also, there are dozens and dozens of add-on products from quality third-party providers that make CRM even more powerful.  Add-ons for marketing, customer-facing portals, mobility, event management, project management and more.  And since CRM uses the .NET framework and SQL platform, advanced development and integrations with other systems are straightforward.

    Hope this helps.  I'm happy to talk further offline if you like.  Many thanks,

    Glenn Kinstler
    Relationship Manager
    2B Solutions
    Birmingham AL

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