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Tracked Email question

  • 1.  Tracked Email question

    Posted Dec 04, 2018 05:09 PM
    We do internal reporting on how many emails our sales team is tracking, which prompted me to delve a little into what fields are best used to 'count' tracked emails by person.   FYI, none of our users create emails from within CRM - all emails tracked since July 28 of this year is via the D365 App for Outlook.   At that time we also converted to D365 online and have been on version 9.  My question is this below -- I was not able to find any blogs or other guidance online.

    Can anyone explain or verify how the CreatedBy and Owner fields get set in the Email Message record when an email is tracked from Outlook?  Specifically, it appears that sometimes the CreatedBy is set to the person doing the tracking, and sometimes the CreatedBy is set to SYSTEM.   It appears the Owner is always set to the user initiating the track.  Owner is NEVER set to SYSTEM.

    For example, when I create a new email and track before sending, the CreatedBy is set to SYSTEM.   If I track in incoming email or an outgoing email already sent in the past, the CreatedBy is set to my User record.  Additionally, via query I see thousands of incoming emails with the CreatedBy set to SYSTEM.  These appear to be responses to tracked emails, so the 'SYSTEM' is initiating the tracking -- and the Owner is set to whomever owned the original email in the thread.

    Is it that simple?  the CreatedBy is set to SYSTEM when:
    - a response to a tracked email is received
    - a user sets an outgoing email to be tracked before it is actually sent

    John Cisek
    Director, Operations
    Family Office Exchange
    Chicago IL
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Tracked Email question

    Posted Dec 05, 2018 09:41 AM
    ​Hi John,

    I understand the activity tracking by user scenario very well due to the metrics we monitor. I do see one other ownership difference in our system, if a reply to a tracked email is received and the original email is not set regarding a record in CRM, the created by is not SYSTEM but is the owner of the Original email.


    Jim Wooldridge
    Sr. Analyst
    Salt River Project
    Tempe AZ

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: Tracked Email question

    Posted Dec 05, 2018 06:39 PM
    @John Cisek per the MSFT Premier tech with whom I have been working, the "Owner" for SSS tracked messages is assigned by running through the "To" list to see if any of the recipients were owners of messages earlier in the chain. It assigns to the first match it finds based on whatever order the recipients happened to load into the database array (which is not necessarily the same order in which people were listed on the message) – or to the last item in the array if the algorithm didn't find a match.​

    Sarah Schneider
    Senior CRM Business Systems Analyst
    Donaldson Company, Inc.
    Bloomington MN

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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