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MS Labs AttachmentExtractor to MSCRM-AddOn AttachmentExtractor

  • 1.  MS Labs AttachmentExtractor to MSCRM-AddOn AttachmentExtractor

    Posted 21 days ago
    We have the Trial for the MSCRM-AddOn AttachmentExrtractor, and it's been working for the most part with our processes.  But, we are looking for someone that has been using the MS Labs AttachmentExtractor for storing your email attachments in Azure and how you were able to still view your previously-stored attachments once you moved to the MSCRM-AddOn AttachmentExtractor.  We can't be the first ones to go through this.

    Right now we are bringing every email to our Customer Care team into CRM and creating a Case.  We do not have an archiving plan in place as we are still very new on CRM, but we are running out of provided storage and don't want to pay the high prices.  We want to continue to utilize storage in Azure.

    Tina Silver
    Sr BSA, CSM®
    SR Smith, LLC
    Canby OR

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