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  • 1.  Multicurrency

    Posted Nov 23, 2018 07:42 AM
    Hi all
    I am wondering if there is any future introduction of multi currency exchange rate functionality to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (D365).   With the introduction of Project Service Automation (PSA) the need to capture correct more accurate base currency values has increased.  I appreciate D365 is not an ERP system but I am interested in others experience on this situation.

    In the current D365 setup we can specify different currencies such as EUR and USD with an exchange rate. The exchange rate to convert back to our base currency can be held but only one value can be saved at one time.  The customer would update this each month to reflect their back office ERP system.

    This serves as a guide for quotes and orders as at the time of creation we can obtain the latest exchange rate at the time of creation.  When we require the ability to specify a historical rate we then experience an issue.  An example of this would be when using the Expenses, a new entity provided by PSA.

    An end user submits an expense for a restaurant that they visited whilst onsite in France from the previous month.  The expense was for EUR 20 and this is entered with the currency of EUR.  D365 will convert this back with current month exchange rate of 1.5  GBP 13.34. The previous month exchange rate would of be 1.2 meaning this expense should of been captured with a conversion of GBP 16.67.

    The problem is that when the cost is recorded against the project it records the cost of 13.34 and not the higher cost of 16.67.  From a finance point of view the expense will be captured with incorrect base currency value against the project. Integrations to the back office system will try and convert this transaction back to GBP also resulting in a difference.  If the integration imports the GBP amount then it is understating the cost to the company.

    Any feedback will be great on how others have approached this scenario   #multicurrency #PSA


    M Nunes

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  • 2.  RE: Multicurrency

    Posted Nov 26, 2018 04:29 AM
    ​It's maybe not particularly helpful but my thoughts are along the lines of:

    When MS introduced multi-currency into CRM (I'm sure that this was 4.0) the mantra was that they'd introduced the minimum needed to be able to say they had multi currency support.  Unless I've missed some update there has been nothing in the way of additional multi-currency support introduced by any newer version so we still have the minimum.

    We have a couple of systems where exchange rate updates synchronise from ERP but only the ERP has a currency history.

    Andrew Wolfe
    Head of CRM Practice
    Technology Services Group
    United Kingdom

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  • 3.  RE: Multicurrency

    Posted Nov 27, 2018 09:37 AM
    Years ago, in the CRM 2011 era, we built a currency history for a client in CRM.  It was a custom entity and an integration to some exchange rate service (I forget which) that tracked daily currencies.  So we had a table of these historical rates, and a batch service that would push a new record every day.

    We then had separate currency fields to store the daily rate appropriate to the record, based on the Modified date (you could make another date field, if you preferred).

    It was a whole lot of custom dev to make it work, and I bet you could do a better version of that with a SQL Azure database to handle historical values (maybe even set it up as a virtual entity).  But it can work.

    Wayne Walton
    CRM Practice Lead
    eBECS Limited
    Atlanta GA

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