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FSA Schedule Board Requirement Map Filter

  • 1.  FSA Schedule Board Requirement Map Filter

    Posted 9 days ago

    Is there a way to reduce the number of red "question mark" unscheduled requirements down to just the ones specified in a view, or any other way to limit the number that appear on the map?

    We converted work order data from another system which had a few thousand open-unscheduled work orders and they all now show up on the map. We have configured a new system view that shows seven (7) open requirements (based on date), and the view is part of the FSA App. We tried the following changes and it did not reduce the number of pins on the map (as far as we can tell):
    - Added the view to the tab settings for the "Requirement Map Filter View",
    - Cleared the browser cache (every time I make a config change)
    - Change the tab default setting for "Requirement Map Filter View"
    - Added the new view as a requirement view to the schedule board and that does not change what appears on the map. I have manually added filters to the requirement view and the map still shows all open work orders.

    What does seem to work is when we choose the "Scheduled Work" view, then the map re-draws, however, most (not all) of the map pins show up as "question mark" icons. I compared my view to the Scheduled Work view and the 2 differences are filtering on status (scheduled vs unscheduled) and my view has a date filter.

    Am I missing some other setting? I feel like there is some other configuration setting I cannot find.

    I have over 14 years of D365/CRM experience and have been working with FSA for a couple years. Yes, I read the documentation (Schedule board tab settings for Field Service ) and I have learned over time that the configuration and behaviors of FSA is spread across many different areas (such as PSA and URS) and no cross-references, which makes it exceedingly difficult to figure out where to look for answers.

    FYI: Using D365 CE FSA DB version 9.1.0000.21653 FSA version

    Nelson Johnson, Solution Architect
    BroadPoint, Inc., Bethesda MD
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  • 2.  RE: FSA Schedule Board Requirement Map Filter

    Posted 8 days ago
    I am not sure I understand all aspects of you scenario, but some possibilities based on my use of the schedule board:
    • Requirement Map Filter View is the correct setting for the map pins that show as question marks (open requirements)
    • I haven't checked whether the question mark pins show for all records of the view or whether there are additional automatic filter(s) by the system, for example to exclude requirements with remaining duration of 0 or which have a valid related Bookable Resource Booking
    • Coloured pins (no question mark) are the bookable resource bookings for the current schedule board date
    • For testing changes to the Requirement Map Filter, I've found it best to use a different browser each time.  For whatever reason I've had inconsistent success with just clearing the cache on the same browser.
    • Double check all of your default tab settings.  I have seen some issues where we had older or missing defaults that then affected functionality on the board. Possibly following solution upgrades or URS upgrades, although we've never identified how it came about.
    • Make sure none of your Requirements returned by the view have duration does not contain data, although that is related to a different issue to what you're seeing

    Robert Ward
    Chubb Australia

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