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On premise full index search not working

  • 1.  On premise full index search not working

    Posted Apr 12, 2021 08:44 PM

    We're on Dynamics 365 on premise (v9.0x). For the past few years we've been using full text index search, but every now and again, our business users report it's no longer working. Upon investigation we find that sometimes it's not indexing newly created records, and sometimes it appears as though it's not working at all. For example, often newer cases cannot be search for unless using *xxxx, but older cases are fine using part of the case number. In other scenarios, even older records cannot be found without using the wildcard.

    So we go in, turn off the full text search, wait 24 hours, re-enable it. This seems to help, but for how long, who knows.

    We've done some investigation into the indexes and the services running, but can't seem to find any rhyme or reason or anything that would cause this weird behaviour.

    Has anyone else experiences this and if so, have you found the cause and a possible solution? It's a little frustrating for our business and us as we can't solve the problem permanently and also takes 2 days for a solution once they point out the problem.


    Richard Bilski
    Orbis Investment Advisory Pty Ltd
    Sydney Australia

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