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VoC - long list of single response values?

  • 1.  VoC - long list of single response values?

    Posted 5 days ago
    ​Hi everyone

    We're back looking at VoC again and I have an issue.  We must give respondents the option to select their businesses activity but there are 108 of them.  I've created a 'single response' question and tried to load each potential response as a row but it's stopping at around row 40 and I cannot enter any more data.

    • Is there a limit to the number of responses you can add to a question?
    • I've seen somewhere in advanced settings you should be able to upload data direct from CRM - is that actually possible and how would I do it?
    • Is there a better/another way of achieving this outcome? 

    Please help!  I have to have the whole proof of concept finished, including setting up the weightings and proving it all works, by Christmas and it is now a point of some personal pride that I complete this and get it working, but if VoC is unable to deal with this particular question/answer scenario I may as well hang up my boots now.

    I look forward to hearing from lots of you with loads of good ideas :)

    Best regards,

    Julia Streatfield
    CRM Business Intelligence Manager