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Campaign Activity Groups Structure Help

  • 1.  Campaign Activity Groups Structure Help

    Posted 18 days ago
    We are about to launch CRM and ClickDimensions at roughly the same time. We are struggling with the Campaign Activity and Activity Groups structure in CRM and how that connects to ClickDimensions. Do you set up Campaign Activity Groups that go down to the individual post/email level (like option 2 below) so you're able to track revenue from a specific channel and send/post/placement OR do you stop the CAGs at the channel level (like option 1 below) and use CD reporting to show revenue at the individual level? Without really seeing the reporting and how the two systems interact other than the training, we are struggling to make a call here. Any help from experience?

    For example:

    OPTION 1:
    Campaign: 2019
    Campaign Activity: End of Year Fundraising 2019
    Campaign Activity Groups: Email, Social, Web, and DM

    OPTION 2:
    Campaign: 2019
    Campaign Activity: End of Year Fundraising 2019
    Campaign Activity Groups:
    - Email 1 12/1/19
    - Email 2: 12/8/19
    - Email 3
    - Facebook post 1 12/1/19
    - Twitter post 1 12/1/19
    - Web Homepage tile promo 1
    - web homepage carousel promo 1
    - DM 1
    - DM 2
    (and so on, you get the picture--a million CAGs for every single email, promo and post)

    Ashley Marion
    National 4-H Council
    Sr. Director, Digital Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Campaign Activity Groups Structure Help

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Tim Dailey 17 days ago
    Hi Ashley,
    We currently have ours setup like the following:

    Parent Campaign
           Source Campaign
                     Campaign Activities
                                     Appt Webform
                                     Brochure Download Webform
                                     General Phone Number
                                     Direct Mail Phone Number

    When we send emails I tag them to a "source campaign" level.

    We receive campaign responses for all webforms, and when we receive phone calls the CTI screen pops with a campaign response record as well for the agent to work off - the campaign responses we receive back already have pre-set "campaign response type" which is either an appt webform, brochure download, phone call or other.  If we get a webform filled out through an email, we usually have a separate campaign activity for that particular email (and webform link) so we know exactly how many people came in through the email.

    We rely on a combination of Google Analytics, CRM and Power BI to create ROI reporting.

    Would be happy to discuss more if you want more info.

    Tim Dailey
    Sr Marketing CRM Administrator
    Starkey Hearing Technologies
    The CRM Dude (freelance consultant)
    Eden Prairie MN


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