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Security and global search

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    Posted 30 days ago
    We have separated our users into business units based on the type of sales we do. For example we have a National and a Local business unit.  The security roles users get are the same, but at the account and opportunity level they only have business unit read/write.  So a user in the National business unit cannot see accounts owned by users in the Local business unit.  This works for global search, and reduces the number of accounts they see (which was the goal).  However, that is not the case for opportunities. In the quick find view for opportunities we allow search on the opportunity name, and customerid (account).  When a user in a National business unit searches, if they enter an account name, they will see a result set of opportunities that I don't think they should see;  they see opportunities that are owned by users in the Local business unit.  I think they see these as these particular opportunities have accounts that are in the National business unit. [;egacy data issue].  I suspect that allowing the search on the account field of the opportunity is letting them see these opportunity records.   Is this expected? And if so why should they be able to search within an opportunity they have no read access to?

    Sandra Devin
    CRM Analyst
    National CineMedia
    Denver CO

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