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File Storage

  • 1.  File Storage

    Posted 18 days ago
    We are planning our migration to the cloud.  We have a "Payment" custom entity.  One field on that entity is "Payment Image".  Will the entire entity be counted as file storage because of the image field?  Also a general question -- any tips on how are you managing your storage to keep your costs reasonable?

    Casey Wood-Inskeep
    Sr. Project Manager
    Christian Broadcasting Network
    VA Beach, VA

  • 2.  RE: File Storage

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hi Casey, here is what documentation says: "Thumbnail images and image metadata are stored in Microsoft Dataverse, which includes the information needed to retrieve the full image. Full images are stored in file storage on the Azure blob to reduce data storage consumption."  You can read it here.

    As for the storage, some of tips can be found also in the official documentation .

    We are currently trying to reduce our storage as this was not the problem while we were on-prem. One of the most demanding tables for us is Activitypointer. Lots of e-mails with lengthy body can occupy a lot of storage. I was suggested at this forum a couple of weeks ago that mscrm-addons has a solution for this called AttachmentExtractor (not only for attachments) that can extract e-mail body to cheaper storage and give you the content within Dynamics seamlessly.

    We also have a support ticket with Microsoft regarding a huge opportunity table which might be a bug resulting index file growing tremendously.

    Hope some of these help

    Zarko Radevic
    Dynamics 365 developer
    Digitale Medier 1881 AS

  • 3.  RE: File Storage

    Posted 18 days ago
    We​ implemented the AttachementExtractor for a client in July in order to bring down the storage size of emails using the Content Extraction feature. It has worked fairly well and reduced the size by about 6GB. Not as much as I was hoping but still helpful. A lot of the client's emails that are in D365 are replies in long chains which don't have a bunch of HTML in them therefore the reduction is minimal. If you have emails with a bunch of HTML in them then your reduction would be more substantial.

    Scott Florance
    Business Applications Consultant
    KTL Solutions, Inc, Frederick MD

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