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    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi Guys -

    We are implementing the mobile app (CRM Version 8.2, Using a phone) and I have a question about how to set some functionality.

    - On the "Account" form from the web client, you can click the Arrow on the top nav bar by the account name and navigate to "Contacts"
    - In this view, it shows "Contacts Associated View", as you would expect.
    - Going from the mobile app, I click the navigation for "Contacts"
    - Instead, it loads the default view for the entity, "My Active Contacts".
    - In this scenario, I would not want to see the contacts I own, but ALL the contacts belonging to this Account.
    - Essentially, we'd rather click the navigation link on the mobile app and get the "Active Contacts" view or "Active Contacts Associated View".

    **In a perfect world, the above view would be an "Associated" view to that account**

    - We'd rather not change the default view fully because we would want "My Active Contacts" to be the view that shows up in general navigation in

    How can I change the navigation in the "Relationships" section of the mobile form to show an Associated view instead of the default view?

    I feel like I am missing something dumb, but maybe you can tell me!


    Joe Vekich
    SICK, Inc.
    Bloomington MN

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