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Ribbon Workbench Import into Prod Doesn't Match Dev

  • 1.  Ribbon Workbench Import into Prod Doesn't Match Dev

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 01:24 PM
    Has anyone ran into an issue with the ribbon customization done via the Ribbon Workbench not matching the their Dev environment after exporting to their Prod environment?

    We are On-Prem v8.2 and do all of customization in an unmanaged solution in our Dev environment then export it as managed to put into our Prod environment. This time I modified the ribbon on an entity by moving one custom button and adding a new one. This worked out perfect in Dev, but once I moved the solution Prod the button that I moved is duplicated. The new button is there but because of the duplicate it got pushed into the additional options menu and is not on the ribbon like planned.

    I haven't done to much troubleshooting yet besides some basics (republished solution & cleared browser cache). I figured I'd get this cry for help posted and continue my investigation.

    Russ Morris
    Application Support Analyst
    Avitus Group
    Billings MT

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