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Easily viewing all of a contact's attachments

  • 1.  Easily viewing all of a contact's attachments

    Posted Nov 05, 2021 10:10 PM
    Good evening all,
    I've received a request for users quickly see all attachments from inbound emails while looking at a Contact. These attachments could be from old emails that become "buried" in the Activity Wall and are hard to find.  We're on-premise using v9.0, still using the classic web interface, not Unified Interface (we aren't using vanilla D365, there's a managed solution installed from a vendor that makes D365 more focused on Student Retention for our University.  So some of these things are out of our control).

    Ideally this subgrid (or web resource, or whatever) of these emails (which I believe are of the Activity Type) with attachments would show:
    - Date created
    - Subject
    - Hyperlink to attachment

    Has anyone else had to crack this nut before?  Googling gives me a couple leads but was curious if someone's already had an experience with one of these or another/better solution:

    An example of a dialog to view all existing attachments:

    Thanks, I appreciate your time!

    Mike Power
    Senior CRM Solutions Developer
    American University
    Washington MD

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