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Managed vs Unmanaged solutions

  • 1.  Managed vs Unmanaged solutions

    Posted Apr 10, 2019 07:39 PM

    I have been reading some older posts about this but I wanted to ask for current opinions.  We have two environments and I do some customization and our partner does some development. I currently create my own solutions in sandbox and we move them from sandbox to production. We are discussing the use of managed solutions. What do you think? Is more information needed to make a recommendation?  thank you for your help!


    Laura Mortick
    Marketing Information Systems Manager
    Olathe KS

  • 2.  RE: Managed vs Unmanaged solutions

    Posted Apr 10, 2019 10:06 PM
    HI @Laura Mortick

    As a customer for me, its unmanaged, have been doing it that way for the last 8 years. For ISV and partners who build solutions as their product, Managed works.  I just find unmanaged there less risk to get yourself into trouble. 

    One of my key reasons is that we often refresh our Sandbox environments from production using minimal copies, so using an unmanaged solution reduces the risk of putting a managed solution into your sandbox thus blocking future customization. 

    There are pro's and cons for each, but, I haven't seen a convincing reason yet for me to move away from unmanaged. I think it will come down to the ALM practices and process you follow at your organization. 


    Todd Mercer
    Dynamics CRM Technical Lead
    MD Financial Management
    Ottawa ON

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