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Deployment Order with Patched Solutions

  • 1.  Deployment Order with Patched Solutions

    Posted Feb 10, 2020 11:56 AM
    Our development group has been using an unmanaged solution for our company's internal CRM system customization since its inception a few years ago.  We are planning on creating a new internal CRM instance and are looking into the possibility of using managed solutions.  Specifically we have been looking into using patched solution versions to be able to deploy smaller chunks of changes.

    By our understanding, you cannot deploy a patch to an environment that has a version that is smaller than the latest deployed patch (i.e. you cannot deploy patch 1.0.1 if patch 1.0.2 exists in the environment).  But this presents a slight predicament in case an emergency Production update is required.

    For example, imagine that developers are working on patch 1.0.1 in Dev for changes that are planned to move at month's end. These changes have not yet been imported to Test.  An issue comes up in Prod that requires a small solution update that needs to be made as soon as possible.  Patch 1.0.2 is created in Dev for the updates, is deployed to the Test and Qual environments to verify the changes then to Prod to fix the issue. At this point, the work being performed in patch 1.0.1 cannot be deployed to any other environment.

    Has anyone else run into this before?  We are looking for suggestions on the best way to organize our work using managed solutions, but this scenario has us leaning back towards unmanaged solutions to be more flexible with what can be deployed and when.

    Thank you.


    Nathan Zalewski
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