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Contact sync to Outlook - What's the point?

  • 1.  Contact sync to Outlook - What's the point?

    Posted 4 days ago
    ​We have had contact sync switched on for 3 years now, and on reflection, the advantages for us seem appear to be outweighed by disadvantages, particularly now we have switched to the new App for Outlook, using server side sync.

    Can anyone think of good reasons why to leave contacts set up to sync? Makes sense for e-mails, appointments, tasks, but contacts?

    We are currently set only to sync contacts 'owned' by the user, but we have many contacts owned by the business (team), which do not sync, which are created from other sources (e.g. from out SAP system).

    Pros for Outlook Sync:

    • For contacts owned by the user and created in Dynamics, they show up on Outlook (and on phones etc), enabling contact creation etc. (although not all are owned by the user and so these ones do not show, even though the user supports them)
    • Changes made in either Dynamics or in Outlook reflect on the other side

    Contras for Outlook Sync:

    • In App for Outlook we can no longer select existing contacts to Sync with Dynamics, because this functionality only exists on the Desktop version, and is unbearably poor (very buggy, cannot select account etc). We therefore can only create new contacts from an e-mail (using the App for Outlook), or directly in Dynamics. In these cases, if a local Outlook contact already exists, it gets duplicated locally, and the user would need to delete, or leave the duplicate in place.
    • If the user did decide to track a local contact they created in Outlook to Dynamics, and this got assigned to a new owner, the sync would currently delete their local contact. Not sure this is ideal (although this could potentially be corrected with updated sync filter).
    • When users switch phones, we often get their entire contact lists duplicated on both sides (Outlook and Dynamics), which causes maintenance issues to clean up.

    Greg Stokes
    Kennametal Inc.